October 3, 2012
North Devon food company conquers France with a global innovation award.

The SIAL International Innovation Awards 2012, the Oscars of the food industry, were awarded to the top 15 food and beverage products from around the world this week. One of the winners for this global award is Braham & Murray, a small innovative food company from North Devon.

The company behind the GOOD HEMP brand, are the winners for their latest product range, GOOD SEED – a range of Shelled Hemp Seed that can be used as a snack or sprinkled on food. Henry Braham said “we were really surprised to receive the call from the SIAL. This is simply the largest food show in the world. It is a fantastic opportunity for a small company like us”.

Over 1,500 entrants worldwide competed for this prestigious award this year but only 15 were chosen by a panel of 30 international food journalists.

The GOOD hemp seeds are grown naturally and sustainably in the UK by Braham & Murray. Once harvested, they are carefully selected for their flavour and health benefits. Then the husk is gently removed on the farm in Devon, exposing the soft and delicious hemp heart. “It is a very tasty seed – very similar to Pine nuts – but it has amazing health benefits” adds Henry Braham. In fact, hemp seed is a superfood full of protein. It also contains all the daily recommended allowance of omega-3 per serving.

SIAL is the largest food show in the world and held in Paris every two years. The judging panel picked GOOD SEED for its taste, ethics and striking packaging.