Booth 348-Winter Fancy Food Show Jan. 22-24, 2017

Mark your calendars and pack your show bags for San Francisco. It’s that time of year when we bring our favorite brands to the trade for a chance to meet and greet our customers. If you’re new to our brands and would like an appointment/meeting time, please email us at: Belgravia@BelgraviaImports.com, call us: 401.683.3323. If you’re short on time, please stop by, say “Hello” and leave your business card, we’ll be happy to follow-up with you.

In honor and in memory of our founder, Ronald Dick, the office and warehouse of Belgravia Imports will be closed Wednesday, August 10, 2016

RFD head shot photo

Ronald F. Dick of Newport, RI and founder of Belgravia Imports passed away peacefully on April 26, 2016.

Ronnie along with his wife Lilly Dick, started Belgravia Imports in 1987 with a mission to bring to the US consumer the best in category of organic and all natural, gourmet and specialty foods. Sourcing foods primarily from the UK and the continent, they vowed from the beginning only to accept and represent products that excelled in quality, taste and presentation.  Ronnie took great pleasure in getting to know Belgravia’s vendors, visiting their production facilities, and always sharing their passion for exceptional food. He enjoyed immensely forming relationships with our trade partners, casting an every wider net of valued trading partnerships across the USA. He looked forward to coming to work every day and retired only when health challenges intervened. He remained involved and supportive until the very end. Ronnie was a true gentleman and will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

In honor and in memory of Ronnie, the office and warehouse of Belgravia Imports will be closed Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

The World’s Best Finishing Salt


Destination: New York City for the Summer Fancy Food Show June 28-June 30, 2015

The largest specialty food trade show in North America is back in Manhattan this month.


Visit us at the Jacob Javits Center-Booth 657 where we will be showcasing some of our favorite brands such as Maldon Crystal Salt Co., Tracklements-Handmade Accompaniments Since 1970, Poppies-Belgian Macaroons and our newest product Meli-Honey Waffles and Meli-Chocolate Waffles. Stop by and introduce yourself and taste some luxury products imported exclusively in the USA by Belgravia Imports.

More GOOD News!

October 3, 2012
North Devon food company conquers France with a global innovation award.

The SIAL International Innovation Awards 2012, the Oscars of the food industry, were awarded to the top 15 food and beverage products from around the world this week. One of the winners for this global award is Braham & Murray, a small innovative food company from North Devon.

The company behind the GOOD HEMP brand, are the winners for their latest product range, GOOD SEED – a range of Shelled Hemp Seed that can be used as a snack or sprinkled on food. Henry Braham said “we were really surprised to receive the call from the SIAL. This is simply the largest food show in the world. It is a fantastic opportunity for a small company like us”.

Over 1,500 entrants worldwide competed for this prestigious award this year but only 15 were chosen by a panel of 30 international food journalists.

The GOOD hemp seeds are grown naturally and sustainably in the UK by Braham & Murray. Once harvested, they are carefully selected for their flavour and health benefits. Then the husk is gently removed on the farm in Devon, exposing the soft and delicious hemp heart. “It is a very tasty seed – very similar to Pine nuts – but it has amazing health benefits” adds Henry Braham. In fact, hemp seed is a superfood full of protein. It also contains all the daily recommended allowance of omega-3 per serving.

SIAL is the largest food show in the world and held in Paris every two years. The judging panel picked GOOD SEED for its taste, ethics and striking packaging.



GOOD Press!

GOOD oil full product rangeSee what one blogger/registered dietitian says about our healthy GOOD products.

The Queen Visits Maldon

maldon logo imageMaldon Sea Salt Co was chosen to meet with her majesty, Queen Elizabeth in October of 2010 and provide a tour of their fine village manufacturing facility.  To read more about this momentous visit, please click here: Queen Visits Maldon Salt

Maldon-Salt News, the World of Gourmet Salt


Review of Maldon Smoked Sea Salt

By: Mark Bitterman : Nov.02.2007

Smoked Maldon Sea SaltA while back I promised some photos of Maldon’s new smoked entry into the salt sphere. Here they are, along with some flavor and usage notes.I am eating some of Freddy Guys‘ freshly dry-roasted hazelnuts and drinking a glass of

Amnesia Brewing’s excellent copacetic IPA, which they sell to-go in mason jars, and contemplating Maldon Smoked Sea

Salt. The Maldon Smoked sea salt (smoked primarily with oak, but with a muddling of various other hardwoods in reportedly top secret proportion) is a little sharp, even

Maldon Oak Smoked Gourmet Sea Salt

astringent in the nose, making it not one of my favorite salts to smell on its own. But that is perhaps irrelevant,

as I don’t need to smell every salt au natural before eating it, and when eating it, interesting things happen.

The delicate crunch of Maldon’s flaky crystals provides a very pleasant sensation in the mouth. Maldon has

preserved all the flaky delicacy of its regular flake seasalt in its hardwood smoked

Close up image of Maldon Smoked sea salt

seasalt. (Strangely, you comem across GIANT mutant flakes now and again (sometimes larger than a quarter), and I don’t recall seeing them so large so often in the non smoked sea salt.)

Then breath through your mouth while you chew. This practice, of course, may take some discretion on your part, as nobody wants to see too much heavy in-breathing and chewing at the table. If you walk amongst the

rough and ready, I definitely encourage you to just breath heavily, flinging Maldon smoked salt, chomping hazelnuts, slugging back gulps of beer, and contemplating the sensation.

The Lone Hazelnut at Dusk

But if your lifestyle calls for more reserve–doilys and manners and whatnot–then just try briskly salting your hazelnuts (or bread and butter, or cheese, whatever) and softly pull a breath of air through your ever-so-subtly parted lips (this is something familiar to wine tasters), feeling the action of air, salt, and food combine on your palate.

The result is a bit of a surprise: a waft of sweetness, a sharp-yet-rich quality, almost a little like candied citrus.

So, thumbs up, Maldon. Tonight it is cranberry and candied hazelnuts on a goat cheese and various greens salad for dinner. A perfect opportunity for Maldon Smoked salt.