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August 2011

Loved by chefs the world over

For 130 years the distinctive shape of our pyramid crystals has always been our company trademark, celebrating the unique quality of our SOFT CRUNCHY FLAKES.
The new packaging design reflects our rich history with a fresh, clean, modern feel, found only in THE ORIGINAL sea salt flakes.
Maldon has been bringing recipes to life and balancing flavour since 1882, and we will continue to make every meal memorable for generations to come.


Press Release
June 2011

What is the best source of GLA – the secret beauty ingredient?

For years nutritionists and doctors have recommended Evening Primrose oil capsules as the best source of skin and general health promoting GLA. But in reality, simple culinary hemp oil is actually the best and most cost effective source of GLA. Throw away those capsules, the secret lies in your cupboard…

Hemp seed oil is the only culinary oil containing significant amounts of the Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) and anti-inflammatory Omega 6 fat.

Evening Primrose and Starflower oil capsules, the traditional sources of GLA, are taken daily by thousands of women in the USA to relieve ailments such as eczema, allergies and PMS. Recent study by Department of Nutritional Sciences at Kings College London has proven that only one tablespoon (10ml) of hemp oil contains as much GLA as 6 Evening Primrose oil capsules.

Hemp oil also has the benefit of being a natural food source, so no need to remember about taking pills! Simply drizzle it on soup or salad, use for cooking or as a delicious dip. It’s also much cheaper; a bottle of GOOD Hemp Oil will give you 50 recommended daily intakes of GLA, that’s more then double of what you would get from Evening Primrose Oil from Pharmacy & Health chains for the same price.

GLA is the powerful key to vibrant health and good skin and hair, giving you plenty of good reasons to try it out.

Good Hemp Oil is available in the USA at many Whole Foods Market, independent food stores, and

Visit or our exclusive importer:

Notes for Editors

GOOD OIL is championed by leading dieticians and nutritionists. Reviewed and analysed by Kings’ College Department of Nutritional Sciences and recommended by leading plastic surgeons prior to surgery, to aid repair and recovery.

GOOD OIL is stocked in UK supermarkets: Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores as well as good independent stores. 

For more information please contact:
Gosh Iwaszko –

Or Tami Burton-


Press Release
8th February 2011: Mrs Crimble’s – one of Britain’s best loved bakery brands – has announced its first major orders from Australia and Denmark as well as a string of new deals with retailers in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The company is also expecting to announce that it has sealed deals in several other countries in the next few weeks.

The first ever large orders of the Mrs Crimble’s range have been placed in Australia, by Trialia Foods and by Brødr. Lund-Hansen in Denmark.

Mrs Crimble’s has also signed a deal with Belgravia Imports, making it the sole importer of its products into the USA. The importer will also help to develop new relationships with US brokers and retailers. Meanwhile, Mrs Crimble’s sales in America are already going from strength to strength following the decision by Whole Foods Market to stock a range of products last year.

Jeremy Woods, Mrs Crimble’s head honcho, says, ‘Having recently returned from a global trade fair in Germany, where we were exhibiting alongside many other British companies, it was very encouraging to see the level of interest in our brand and we have high hopes of lining up further export sales. Many countries are only just waking up to the demand for gluten free treats – especially ones that taste as good as mainstream alternatives.’

‘We are still a relatively small team based in Hampshire,’ Woods explains, ‘and we take a huge amount of pride in Mrs Crimble’s success – all the new orders that have been coming in from around the world make the team feel really good.’

One in five people in the UK now regularly buy Free From foods and our products are increasingly being seen as a lifestyle choice for everyone – not just for people who are gluten intolerant. ‘There’s a lot going on at home as well as overseas at the moment and the future is looking very exciting for Mrs Crimble’s.’