All SOURCE mixers start with the award winning Llanllyr Water drawn from the heart of a glacial valley in the organic fields of Lampeter, West Wales.
Llanllyr SOURCE is one of the very few spring waters in the world to be drawn from certified organic land.

SOURCE Fiery Ginger Beer is bolder than Ginger Beer, hot and trendy, and not for the faint of heart. There's passion in every bottle creating a signature cocktail in every application. Customers will find it an outstanding choice for their beverage department, bar, restaurant or online e-retail business.
Fiery Ginger Beer is not for wee kids or timid tasters.

All Natural
No Sodium
Lower in sugar

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Imported Exclusively in the USA by Belgravia Imports.

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• Ingredients: Carbonated Llanllyr SOURCE Natural Spring Water, Pure Sugar, Natural Flavors: Ginger Root, Citric Acid, Tantaric Acid • Unit Size: 6.8oz (200ml) • Units Per Case: 6 x (4) Pack Glass Bottles • Product Code: SRC-FG200 • Shelf Life: 24 months from date of manufacture