Rosebud Farm English Mint Jelly

Our aim is to capture all the good points of a home-made product by filling our jars with generous quantities of fresh, seasonal ingredients, locally sourced and organic where possible, which we prepare without the addition of additives, preservatives, colourings or gelling agents. Our preserves are characterized by bold, fresh flavours and natural sets and have all the honesty and simplicity of the very best food you can prepare in your own kitchen.

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Bar none, this is the best Mint Jelly on the market. Made from fresh mint, hand sorted (no stems!) so that only the mint taste shines through. This hand made, pectin free recipe heralds from the heart of North Yorkshire, England. Naturally minty and fresh tasting. Sweet and subtle, it is perfect with roasts and lamb, cold or hot! Great with fresh string beans. Nothing artificial makes this a must have for all high end condiment departments. Your customers will tell you it's worth every ounce.

Imported exclusively in the US by Belgravia Imports.

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• Ingredients: Apples, water, unrefined sugar, fresh lemon juice, fresh mint. • Unit Size: 8oz • Units Per Case: 12 Glass Jars • Product Code: RBJ01 • Shelf Life: 24 months from date of manufacture